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GoExplore Waterproof Dry Bag

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"Do you like your things to stay dry? Me too! This bag is great, nice carry strap, keeps everything dry in the kayak, even if you have children who splash you. Just saying."
~ Kaitlin K., BeachBe customer

Going hiking, exploring, rafting or boating are all fun and exciting activities!

However, keeping things like electronics, keys, and money safe and dry are important during outdoor fun.

The Goexplore Waterproof Dry Bag makes sure its contents stay dry and non-compromised all day long!

"My wife and I are huge outdoor activists and love this bag. We each have one and it keeps our stuff dry, even in rain storms."
~ Kurt C., BeachBe customer

✓ Waterproof
✓ Portable
✓ Foldable
✓ Stylish camouflage design
✓ Great for rafting, diving, trekking, the gym, swimming, and any outdoor activity

✓ Material: PVC
✓ Type: Backpack
✓ Use For: Swimming/Wading/Hiking/Travel/Fishing and so on
✓ Net Weight: 10L about 280g

— 1 X GoExplore Waterproof Dry Bag


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27 reviews

Huey Waller

Verified purchase

I have had this bag for over a year. It has gone on many kayaking trips and spent plenty of time at the beach. This bag is worth every penny. It's comfortable to wear and the material is durable. It had books crammed in it, keys, and it is still in great shape. I'm going to buy another one for my husband!

Luc M.

Verified purchase

Loved this bag. Kept everything dry. I went white water rafting over the weekend and there were class 3 rapids so the bag definitely got a ton of water on it. Everything in the bag was completely dry when I opened it. Not one drop of water! Highly recommend it!

Margaret Lane

Verified purchase

The product arrived early. It appears to be a good quality product at an affordable price point.

Nikodem Lugo

Verified purchase

I liked the price point affordability and durability of this mGoExplore Waterproof Dry Bag! It's perfect for camping kayaking and beach-going.

Beatrix Lu

Verified purchase

Love this thing! This is exactly what I needed I wish I would’ve had this years ago. We have a center console boat. I always have a bag on board with sunscreen, glasses, glasses cleaner, a hat, etc. Even if I put It in the storage lockers, it always seems to get wet. This bag fits all of my stuff. It’s lightweight, easy to carry, and durable.

Kaitlin Kouma

Verified purchase

Do you like your things to stay dry? Me too! This bag is great, nice carry strap, keeps everything dry in the kayak, even if you have children who splash you. Just saying.

Natalie E.

Verified purchase

Bought this just as something unique and I'm not disappointed. I've used it a few times and no issues to report.

Hadi Britton

Verified purchase

Awesome bag. I’m a frequent kayaker/hiker and this bag holds up to what I need. As long as you close it properly, no matter how many times it drops in the water (or is dragged through muddy trails by your dog) your things are protected! My snacks have never once gotten soggy.

Krista Lindsey

Verified purchase

This beach bag is perfect. I like the fact that you can see through it, so finding things is a breeze. And the roll-down top is ideal for keeping sand & water out, and it actually accomplishes that quite nicely. When it's go-time, the strap is perfect for throwing over your shoulder.

Jorden G.

Verified purchase

Love this product so much! I tried this out for the first time on my paddleboard and I had it strapped down to the front of my board and it was getting wet and water was running over the bag. It was able to hold a towel, my Android phone, my selfie stick, and a Snapple drink... And it kept everything dry! Would definitely recommend it.

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