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Walking Crab Toy

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“I bought this as a gift for my nephew and took it out of the box to check it before wrapping it up for him. It’s adorable and seems to be just what was advertised, hence the five stars.”
~ Tatiana R., BeachBe customer

Pet that you can take for a walk and bath together!

Let’s spark the creativity and imaginative minds of young children, allow them to have the coolest pet with all the love and none of the hassle with this walking crab toy.

Made from BPA-free materials, extremely safe for little fellas. Fun and bright colors and shapes stimulate kid’s senses, and high contrast supports early development.

The structure is firm and stable, strong, and impact-resistant, accompanying the small owner for a long time. The innovative mechanical structure requires no batteries and can float by rotating the clockwork clockwise.

“This toy is just super! Pulls easily, no tangling or hanging up, easy to clean. Our grandson loved this gift (so did a lot of the other grownups)!”
~ Lilly-Mai G., BeachBe customer

Multifunctional 2 in 1 Cute Design: Wheel&socket mechanism makes it lifelike crab crawling while pulling and the wind-up clockwork driven design make it swimming. This clever design not only allows your child to walk the pet crab but also the bright colors and cute appearance design, fun bath toy to entice your child into taking baths.

Child Safe ABS Material&Easy To Use: Made from eco-friendly ABS material which passed CPC & ASTM (US toy safety certification). Durable and easy to use and maintain. No batteries are required; just pulling it crawling along or twist the grip to make the crab swim in the water around your kids.

Perfect New Companion Pet that Walks and Swims with Your Little Ones: Perfect for toddlers who just learned to walk and would love to pull it along. Keep your child entertained and occupied wherever they go. A fun bath crab playmate for your baby, toddlers, children.

Inspire Pay, Learning, and Exploration: Encourages children to develop fine motor skills,hand-eye coordination. Learn how the lifelike crab's legs moving, Exploring how the crab can craw on land and swim in the water.

Perfect Gift: A necessary bath toy for both parents and kids. Not only can it relieve the trouble when you want your babies to bathtub voluntarily, but also a cute, fun grow-up accompanied that can play, pull and walk along with.

✓ Material: ABS
✓ Type: Water Spraying Tool
✓ Animals: Crab
✓ Gender: Unisex

— 1 X Big Crab Clockwork Baby Water Toy


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33 reviews

Eduard Pace

Verified purchase

Adorable bath toy. The crab moves like a real one! It comes with an attachable string, which can be attached to the claw and becomes a pull toy. My son loves it!


Lianne Chung

Verified purchase

Ok, so my almost 4 years old is in love with this toy. She runs around with it all day. It also works great during bath time but only swims for very short periods of time. I would have preferred if it went on for longer. It is very well made though!

Gregor Berg

Verified purchase

My child loved this crab toy so much that it became my child's new pet. My child has just learned to walk, but often walks around the yard with the walking toy, even in the bathroom, winding a spring in the bathtub, the toy can swim in the water. Its bright colors, no burrs. I would recommend it.

Alicia Waller

Verified purchase

My 8mo baby loves this toy! We haven't tried putting in the bath as my son bathes in a little inflatable tub so it's a little too crowded until he graduates to a regular tub. He likes to chase the crab though on the floor, it is helping him speed crawl. It's a simple, light, and well-made toy.

Nimra D.

Verified purchase

My 2-year-old has a hard time pulling this thing gently enough to make it walk but she loves it.


Clara Thorpe

Verified purchase

Very cute toy, my daughter loves to watch it crawl when she in the run.

Pola Carty

Verified purchase

Super cute, my 2 yr old loves it!

Yusef Pruitt

Verified purchase

My 2.5 yr old loves it when we play pinchy, pinchy (tickle him) crab and so when we showed him this little toy online he absolutely fell in love with it. He pulls it around the house and it makes bath time so much more fun! Definitely recommend!


Carolina Lang

Verified purchase

I think I like this toy more than my 9-month-old. He likes it as well but gets frustrated if he can’t figure out how to make it crawl.

Tatiana Roth

Verified purchase

I bought this as a gift for my nephew and took it out of the box to check it before wrapping it up for him. It’s adorable and seems to be just what was advertised, hence the five stars.

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