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Stealth Beer Thermos

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β€œGreat bottle keeper. My bottle fits like a glove, and the outside doesn't sweat leaving rings or needing a coaster. My drink stays cold and I can put the top on if I'm busy doing something.”
~ Lenna H., BeachBe customer

Need to keep your beer cold and concealed but don't want to carry around a big cooler?

Well, the Stealth Beer Thermos is here to help!

Our Stealth Beer Thermos is designed to keep your beer cold and concealed. The single beer cooler is lightweight, portable, and fully insulated to keep your bottle cooler for longer.

The design also means you can use it to sneak a beer when you aren't meant to, as you can tell people you are drinking water!


β€œWe love this new koozie so much. Every brand of bottled beverage that we have used has fitted seamlessly into it. We bought it to hide glass bottles at the beach!”
~ Peter N., BeachBe customer

βœ“ Keeps beverages cold for hours.

βœ“ Ideal for keeping bottle concealed and covered.

βœ“ Food grade insulated stainless steel bottle cooler.

βœ“ Fits 12oz bottles.

βœ“ Leak-proof lid.

βœ“ Attached bottle opener.

βœ“ Not sold in stores.

βœ“ Great gift idea!

Package Includes:
β€” 1 x Stealth Beer Thermos


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28 reviews

River Simmons

Verified purchase

Super Fast shipping. Great seller!


Teagan Tanner

Verified purchase

Purchased this as a Fathers Day gift and have heard several times is one of his favorites. Last weekend it was very hot late in the day while finishing an outdoor project and this kept the bottle cold during the last hour of work/clean up

Connagh Payne

Verified purchase

Bought this as a gift and it seems like a great product. I tested it out before giving it to my sister, I like how the bottle is a perfect fit and it doesn’t move around in the holder. The cap can be placed on the top even with a bottle in it. Great product.

Malika Crawford

Verified purchase

I ordered 5 of these to give to adult family members (ages 23-60) for a birthday party and they were a big hit! Everyone loved them and appreciated their cold bottled beer as we live in Florida and the beer gets warm quickly when drinking outside. I would definitely order again and think it is a fun gift for anyone who likes bottled beer. These fit traditional bottles only.

Teresa Landers

Verified purchase

Love my new bottle holder!

Ricardo Pennington

Verified purchase

This is a must-have for any bottled beer drinker, holds a 12-ounce bottle perfectly and keeps it very cold.

Bronwyn Pike

Verified purchase

It was a gift for my dad on those warm summer days. I've seen him use it several times and he's commented how much he enjoys it. He likes how it can adjust for bottles of different heights. So far, so good.

Cassandra DiMarco

Verified purchase

I bought this for my husband's birthday so he can safely have beer bottles on our boat. It is so cool!

Romeo Gardner

Verified purchase

Gave this to my (adult) son for Father's Day. He loved it! definitely kept his beer much colder and for a long time.

Janice Walker

Verified purchase

Perfect in keeping a bottled beverage cold for long periods of time.

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