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Square Tarpaulin Outdoor Cover

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"Well made, water-resistant! Very sturdy.. the perfect solution for my patio on rainier days! And on the hottest of days- I am cool! It’s perfect!"
~ Elaine C., BeachBe customer

Are you looking for an accessory for backyard picnics on hot summer days?

Introduce to you our square tarpaulin outdoor cover. The permeable fabric design allows cool air to penetrate it, provides an airy, comfortable, and well-ventilated space.

It also allows water to go through freely, with no pooling water on rainy days.

The cover blocks up to 95% of harmful ultraviolet rays while effectively reducing heat. It will help you protect your children, flowers, plants, and cars from the sun.

"Great product - we needed a quick solution to provide some extra shade for a horse and this does exactly what we need it to do. It’s lightweight but durable. I will get another just to have on hand."
~ Erin Z., BeachBe customer

Air Circulation Possible: Knitted high-density polyethylene fabric

Applicable For All Season: Mildew and mold-free.

Rust-proof Fixing System: Galvanized iron tension ring.

Easy installation: With mounted tension rings at the tip of the corner, they can be easily fixed onto or detached from existing structures.

Low Maintenance:Just clean it with common detergent & water.

✓ Material: HDPE
✓ Size: About 3mx3m
✓ Net Weight: 185gsm
✓ Type: Shade Sails & Enclosure Nets

— 1 X Shade net + Windbreak rope


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30 reviews

Krause A.

Verified purchase

I purchased this to hang between our gazebo and sliding glass doors on the back of the house. It is perfect, exactly as advertised. Since hanging this, the deck temperature has dropped and we can now walk on it with bare feet before the Florida sun had the deck blazing hot. It has also cut down on the heat transfer coming thru our sliding glass doors to the inside of the house. I would definitely recommend this item!

Rose L.

Verified purchase

A good solution for providing shade where you need it. A good price and simple installation.

Reilly P.

Verified purchase

This worked well for us at a great price. Seems like it has strong corner points which are good because the wind tosses this around every day.

Toni M.

Verified purchase

We really love this! Great shade & durability. In Colorado foothills, we get heavy rains, hail, ice, extreme wind gusts, and micro-shears and so far it holds up. One of the best purchases we made. Demonstrated it to neighbors who have gone through numerous pop-ups and gazebos.

Callam P.

Verified purchase

They are very well made and give very good shade to my lawn. My grass wouldn't grow well during hot summer days but within a couple of days of putting up these sail shades I can see longer and darker grass blades and they keep the grass cool which helps me save on water bills. I have reduced the water use for my lawn while still getting much thicker, longer, and darker grass. I just got them a month ago. I hope they'll last!

Erin Z.

Verified purchase

It really cools down the deck and makes it comfortable.


Erin Z.

Verified purchase

Great product - we needed a quick solution to provide some extra shade for a horse and this does exactly what we need it to do. It’s lightweight but durable. I will get another just to have on hand.


Gethin C.

Verified purchase

We placed ours on the side of our patio to block the morning sun. Works beautifully.

Sania W.

Verified purchase

We bought these for carport shade. They’ve been great. Great quality.

Devan H.

Verified purchase

It was exactly what I expected! Looks great in our yard and gives us our badly needed shade!

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