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Protective Bucket Hat

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"My toddler isn’t fond of masks but doesn’t mind wearing this. He thinks it’s a fireman’s hat. Whatever works!"
~ Tonya F., BeachBe customer

We're living in crazy times, and this protective bucket hat will help you feel a little safer while you're out and about picking up essential items.

The Protective Bucket Hat protects your mouth, nose, and eyes from germs, bacteria, and viruses.

You can even remove the plastic shield when you see fit!

"My kid will not wear a mask but this is a lifesaver, I'm able to convince her to wear this to add some protection when I have to take her out."
~ Danica M., BeachBe customer

✓ Full face protection
✓ Splash proof
✓ Reuseable
✓ Cotton
✓ Removable plastic face cover

✓ Weight: 120g
✓ Material: Cotton
✓ Style: Casual
✓ Unisex
✓ Size: 55-59cm
✓ Pattern Type: Solid

— 1 X Protective Bucket Hat


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21 reviews

Lorenzo E.

Verified purchase

I love that this keeps my glasses and face mask dry in the rain. Once a disposable face mask becomes wet it must be discarded & this bucket hat prevents unnecessary waste of an otherwise good face mask.

Walid K.

Verified purchase

It is the perfect hat and the shield is removable so when you are around people shield on when laying by the pool by yourself, shield off!!! Love the fit and style mom kids were shocked I bought something cool!!!

Nala N.

Verified purchase

Purchased two of these for my grandchildren, now I’m going to purchase more for the adults in my family. The added protection in public is something I want along with wearing a mask.

Danica M.

Verified purchase

My kid will not wear a mask but this is a lifesaver, I'm able to convince her to wear this to add some protection when I have to take her out.

Chaim R.

Verified purchase

Quality is better than expected. I would purchase again

Darrel H.

Verified purchase

Really pleased with this hat/shield. My 8-year-old was not thrilled to wear a mask to the store, but he loved wearing this hat. He got complimented a few times, as well. Just wish his school would allow it. :)

Kodi D.

Verified purchase

This hat is of decent quality. I bought this for my grandson, he liked it and it wasn't restrictive to him.

Amiya G.

Verified purchase

These are game-changer. I've worn protective hairstyles for years and I tend to like my braids long but the constant movement and wear would cause my clothes to pill and that was a pain in the butt. I can wear these caps comfortably all night and all day when I'm at home. Keeps my hair out of my face, saves my clothes, saves my pillowcases, and is just an all-around benefit.

Octavia N.

Verified purchase

My son has issues wearing masks for COVID purposes so I wanted to find an alternative. He likes this one because he thinks it's a "construction hat," which is adorable. He is 3 with a big head and it just fits him.

Joy M.

Verified purchase

This is a wonderful product. Very easy to use and very handy to keep. My face was protected from getting any kind of stuff close to my face. I can see clearly when I have the shield on and it's not heavy at all. It is very, very comfortable! I will buy them in other colors to coordinate with my clothes. Thanks.

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