Mini Beach Shader

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"I love it the way my pupper!!! Easy to assemble and disassemble. Also, it's great for the price. Very useful for me. I think it will be nice for gifts also. Will recommend!"
~ Andres G., BeachBe customer

Do you love spending the day sunbathing at the beach, but you don't like the sun beating down on your face for too long?

So what do you do?

For most of us, we use whatever we have to block our face from the sun... be it a hat, magazine or t-shirt.

But there is a much better solution.

The Mini Beach Shader is a compact, lightweight, and stylish way to protect your face from the sun.

It comes loaded with bonus features, including a removable pillow with an integrated chill pack and a 3-cup drink holder.

It also boasts an internal pocket for your mobile phone or wallet and comes with a beach towel and a storage bag.

No longer will you need to drape a towel, shirt, or book over your face while at the beach. The Mini Beach Shader is breathable and provides you with optimal shade while still being super easy to transport to and from the beach.


"I love the pop-up shade! It's super easy to assemble and does a great job of blocking the brightness of the sun. It's also very compact, making it easy to carry wherever you go. The included pillow is comfortable and is a great addition to the shade. Going to the beach is now even more fun than before!"
~ Rebecca K., BeachBe customer

Integrated Pillow: The Mini Beach Shader has an integrated pillow headrest. To use it, just lay your head down on the cushion and pull the edge of the umbrella up over your face. When you're done, just fold it back down and be on your way.

Integrated Chill Pack: It has a cooler-pack insert inside the back of the head cushion to keep your head extra cool. After the pillow is filled with water, it weighs is up to 4KG and will prevent the Mini Beach Shader from being blown away.

3-cup Drink Holder: The Mini Beach Shader can also provide shade to your drinks and prevent them from warming up too quickly while sitting in the sun.

Under the head-cushion are 3 drink holders that will keep your drinks perfectly stabilized and shaded while you're out on the sand.

Smartphone Protection: It also boasts an internal pocket for your mobile phone or wallet to safeguard them from the sand.

Beach Towel Included: The Mini Beach Shader comes with a beach towel as well as a storage bag. It also has straps that allow you to connect the Shader to your towel to keep it in place.


Package Includes:
— 1 x Mini Beach Shader (50 x 50 cm)
— 1 x Multifunctional Pillow
— 1 x Mobile phone Hanging Bag
— 1 x Beach Blanket
— 1 x Storage Bag
— 1 x Instructions