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Infant & Toddler Safety Pool Floater With Sunshade

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“Perfect for my grandbaby! I push her around the pool in the float and she giggles like crazy!”
~ Rose F., BeachBe customer

Puncture-proof pearl foam buoyancy technology with anti-flip design

If you’re tired of buying inflatable swimming aids for your child that puncture and deflate after a single use, then this Solid Non-Inflatable Baby & Toddler Swimming ring is for you.

There is no need to inflate the ring. It is made with a pearl-foam liner which is constructed from millions of tiny capsules.

Never again get that dizzy feeling from having to inflate your child’s flotation device. Save yourself the time and effort with the always-ready-to-use solid swim ring.

So, jump in and grab yours now!!

“A great pool tool for my little one. He loves splashing around while in his floater. I like the safety belt buckle that's included. It's adjustable so that it is never to loose or tight.”
~ Cathy C., BeachBe customer

Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort

Using the Infant & Toddler Safety Pool Floater With Sunshade means that you will have a free hand to play and interact with the baby while swimming, rather than just using your hands to keep them above water.

Teach your baby to play and splash and show them what a wonderful experience swimming can be!

Watch with joy as they embrace the water and their newfound confidence in comfort and style. You’ll be so glad you did!

No Need To Inflate: The solid non-inflatable ring is made with a pearl-foam liner constructed from millions of tiny capsules.

5-point Safety:New button lock catch and larger harness vest, so the baby doesn't slip when paddling. Two buttonholes and velcro to adjust. Double safety clasp, dual protection safety. It consists of a multiple harness system that is easy to use: thick padded adjustable crotch and chest strap. Extra security with leg supports to avoid baby slipping out or flipping forward. Built for strong durability.

Double Buckles With Lock: For double protection.

Anti-flip Design: This baby trainer pool float has widened sides for maximum buoyancy, and the front of the float is heightened to avoid tipping over. Your baby will be able to see and touch water by hands, the front is not high, and there is a groove to their put chin comfortably. No risk of accidental tipping in any direction. You can also place your baby backward for a lying position.

No More Accidental Leakages From Old Inferior Air Inflatables: Our PearlFoam™ material is for the next generation of water buoyancy swim assist aids with waterproof high-quality skin.

Ergonomically Designed For Maximum Comfort: Allows your baby to learn to swim on their belly in a 45-degree neutral position instead of an unnatural vertical position.

Soft Covering: The covering of the ring is made from soft cloth to protect the baby's skin.

✓ A wide wing design to avoid rollover
✓ Puncture-proof pearl foam buoyancy technology
✓ Safety belt equipped
✓ Comfortable for baby and does not put pressure on the body
✓ Support a wide range of movement
✓ Great for teaching babies how to swim
✓ Easy to use sun canopy
✓ The 5-point secure harness keeps your child safe
✓ 45 angle keeps the child’s head above water and a smile on their face
✓ It can be used forward or rear-facing to suit individual needs
✓ Improves your child’s confidence so they can feel independent
✓ It helps your child learn to swim and kick freely
✓ Designed for babies 3-24 months old so will save you money in the long run – the only flotation device you’ll ever need

✓ Age: 3 months - 24 months old
✓ Size: 46.5cm * 48.5cm

— 1 X Infant & Toddler Safety Pool Floater With Sunshade


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31 reviews

Leigh Williams

Verified purchase

Is fantastic and worth! The material is fantastic, finishes, the color and all is removable for washing! A float very good for the baby to play in water! For pool or beach! It is really worth! Came well packed and in 10 days


Sheikh Compton

Verified purchase

It is exactly as pictured, and looks to be of fine quality. Summer is not here yet, so have not had the opportunity to try it out though.


Carmen Kemp

Verified purchase

This thing is awesome, my 8-month-old loved it. Seemed like he was always sitting too low in the spring-type floats. He was one happy baby in this thing.

Elwood Foster

Verified purchase

Float works well...very comfortable for the baby and seems safe.

Rose Steadman

Verified purchase

My daughter LOVES the water and we live near the coast so pool days and beaches are pretty much our whole summer. So I wanted to get her something that would stand up to heavy use. It does not inflate which is a plus. The straps are soft but secure. The buckle has a protective casing to prevent erosion. She just floats in this so easily, and I don’t worry about tipping or her face touching the water.

Allegra Croft

Verified purchase

I love that it can’t pop or deflate with my kiddo in it I love that she can stay in it for up to 2 years and it’s durable enough to last that long.


Taslima G.

Verified purchase

My 5month old loves this! I put him back so he’s facing the sky not the pool, he lounges and falls asleep, when he’s forwards (facing pool) he’s safe and no water gets near his face, he can kick freely! Great product and customer service.

Clarice S.

Verified purchase

We have used this a few times and it seems to be working so well! Our daughter floats in it on her back and stomach and looks very comfortable; I thought she was even going to fall asleep on it the other day she looked too comfy! It is very sturdy in the water; I'm confident it won't tip even when she gets bigger and might start rocking herself side to side. The buckles are secure and the padding on the edges of the straps make it more comfortable and don't dig into her skin. I have already sent info to several friends who have asked about this.


Taya M.

Verified purchase

So pleased with this baby float. My 12-month-old loves the water and I can be at ease floating beside him knowing he is strapped in safely and can’t fall out.

Harleen B.

Verified purchase

This has changed our pool experience! We have three kids under two years old (twins) and wow we bought three of these and they are lifesavers! They do not flip at all. They still can jump off the side of the pool safely and not go under. The first floats they love and enjoy using and never try to get out of them which they can’t because of the clips and harness etc. They can also swim around in them and feel independence. I recommend these!!!!! We love ours!!!!!

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