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Gazebo Beach Tent

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"My wife and I live near a beach and I was looking to buy a shelter we could use. I had a few criteria I was looking for. Easy to setup/takedown, light and easy to carry, and most importantly, able to stand up to the wind."
~ Abel C., BeachBe customer

Do you love a relaxing day at the beach with your friends and family but with some cover from the sun?

But you don't want to lug along a bulky umbrella or tent?

The Gazebo Beach Tent is here to help!

The 5-8 person gazebo tent can be set up in minutes with just two people! It's lightweight and packs into a small and easy-to-carry bag for compact storage and easy transport.

The Gazebo Beach Tent provides UPF 50+ protection to block the harsh sun rays and ensure you are safe from the sun’s dangerous UV rays.

Keep your water, beer, beach bag, phone, electronics, and other things in the shade.

This makes it your ideal companion for family picnics, beach lounging, shelter during sporting events, and simple camping excursions.

Now you can spend the entire day at the beach without worrying about getting sunburned!


"They really thought about every last detail with this beach shelter. I was amazed at how big it was, we can easily fit 5 people underneath. I really like the open and breezy feel, it definitely lets you take advantage of the ocean breeze. Overall, I am really impressed."
~ Sandra F., BeachBe customer

Quick Setup: Sets up in minutes with just two people! Fiberglass poles assemble and cross together through the tent fabric and pop up easily for quick setup! It's lightweight and packs into a small and easy-to-carry bag for compact storage and easy transport.

Upf 50+ Protection: The compact and breathable, water-resistant special double-coated 170T polyester fabric provides UPF 50+ protection to shield you from even the strongest rays of the sun.

Accommodate 5-8 People: It's big enough to accommodate 5-8 people with more room for your water, beer, beach bag, phone, electronics, etc.

High Quality: The special double coated 170 T waterproof and anti-UV fabric ensure top quality and sturdiness. The 6.9 mm glass fiber reinforced rods with stainless steel brackets ensure a firm structure.

Multiple Uses: It's your ideal companion for family picnics, beach lounging, shelter during sporting events, and simple camping excursions.

Cost-effective: What's more, you can now enjoy a fun-filled day outdoors at a fraction of the cost of a conventional bulky tent!

Package Includes:
— 1 x Beach Shader Tent (210 x 2300 x 160cm)
— 2 x 6.9 mm Glass Fiber Reinforced Rods
— 1 x Carry Bag


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30 reviews

Stephen M Bach

Verified purchase

Received our tent last week and couldn't wait to set it up!

Kurtis Paterson

Verified purchase

This beach tent met and exceeded all of my requirements. I am amazed at how well engineered this product is in every way. Fantastic in the wind, very easy setup and take-down.

Jess Galle

Verified purchase

So this thing is amazing. I haven't used it for the beach yet, but I did take it camping to serve as a landing spot outside our tent with some camping chairs and a table.

Julian Kirk

Verified purchase

I was so happy with this! We've been through a few beach shelters and this is the best so far. What I liked: Flexible, lightweight, Easy up/down, Shade, Open for air

Craig Scott

Verified purchase

I spent 2 hours researching this type of product and am glad I did. I wanted a shelter large enough for 4 adults. I'm 5'3" and can almost stand up in the center.

Conan Mair

Verified purchase

I am really enjoying this tent so far. I got it for my niece and nephew and honestly, I spent more time in it than they did. It was pretty easy to set up and take down which I was a little worried about pre-purchase, and it is bigger than I imagined it would be. It keeps the sun off very well generally, but being able to move the shade throughout the day was money. I am one of those annoying people you see on the beach wearing a long sleeve rash guard and a sun hat, but perhaps this will help me change my ways. Would recommend.


Raife Weston

Verified purchase

One of the best features of this beach shader tent is the airflow because of the openness of the walls. The breeze just flows through while sitting in the shade. It is never hot inside.


Lily-Mae Jaramillo

Verified purchase

Ordered this product before our vacation and plan on using it for day trips to the beach. We used it everyday while on vacation and the kids loved having a place in the shade to lay down and take a break.


Bertha Crosby

Verified purchase

We got a lot of use out of this on our recent weeklong trip to Florida beaches. And we expect to use it for future beach trips, soccer games, trips to the lake or park, and even backyard play.

Maisie Penn

Verified purchase

This beach shelter is very well constructed, super roomy, sturdy, and functional.

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