Full Face Snorkel Mask

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"I have enjoyed swimming very much since I was a child. When I have free times, I will go swimming with my friends. Diving is a very fun sport and we all like it very much. The snorkel masks easy to install, and it can help us breathe easier in the water. Love it."
~ John S., BeachBe customer

Do you enjoy snorkeling?

Then this Full Face Snorkel Mask is for you!

It does away with many of the issues associated with traditional snorkel masks, such as water leaking in, obstructed breathing through the mouth, and limited visibility.

This full-face design allows anyone (beginners or experts) to immediately begin snorkeling with a breeze! Just put on the mask and breathe normally through your nose or mouth.

The panoramic 180° underwater view is 100% unrestricted – allowing you to see more fish and marine life than ever before!

The Dry Snorkel Technology guarantees you will never gag on saltwater again. The ‘Float-Tech’ design prevents saltwater from ever entering your mask - increasing the amount of time you spend snorkeling and having fun!

This innovative mask features a separate breathing chamber that creates an airflow away from your main viewing visor that helps eliminates fogging and will keep you snorkeling longer.

You will be able to snorkel for hours with family and friends with absolutely no soreness of the mouth and jaw.


"This is the best snorkel mask I have ever used. This is much better quality than the products I used before. And the design is great. I was very comfortable when I was diving, and there was no water leak. Very good experience. I like this snorkel mask so much!"
~ Lindsey M., BeachBe customer

Natural Breathing: This mask is designed so you can inhale and exhale through either your nose or your mouth. Natural breathing helps keep you more calm and relaxed in the water.

There is also no learning curve or getting comfortable breathing through the snorkel, which is great for beginners.

Water Barrier: The mask seals around your entire face, which decreases the chance of water getting into the mask when you smile. A mustache is also not a problem with this mask.

Finally, the rear strap securely holds the mask in place on your head, allowing you to move freely and take on waves without losing the mask.

Dry Snorkel Technology: Although many conventional snorkels are offering a similar feature, high-quality full-face snorkeling masks take it to a whole new level.

In addition to a standard ball float system that stops the water from entering the tube when submerged, this mask is designed in such a way that even if a small amount of water does get into the snorkel, it will be channeled away from the face and into the chin area of the mask.

A special valve located on the bottom of the chin allows the water to drain out.

Anti-fog Design: This mask won't fog up as a regular mask does. It features a dual vent system that allows the air to circulate inside, preventing fogging.

No Jaw Fatigue: Since there is no mouthpiece that you need to bite onto, snorkeling for extended periods of time without becoming fatigued biting down on the mouthpiece.

This is especially true if you have issues with a sore jaw or mouth from holding onto the snorkel.

Superior Visibility: Designed with a curved lens that extends behind your eye and provides a clear, uninterrupted 180-degree view.

The frame seals behind your vision line, which means that it won’t interfere with your view.


Package Includes:
— 1 x Full Face Snorkel Mask (Kid Size & Adult Size)