Dog Life Jacket

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"Queenie loves her mermaid jacket. Always ready to go kayaking or a boat ride."
~ Annette A., BeachBe customer

Keep your dog safe in the water!

Do you worry about the safety of your beloved dog around the pool or at the beach?

Most dogs are excellent swimmers; however, they can become tired while swimming and run the risk of drowning. These life jackets are an adorable way to ensure your dog stays safe while swimming, and they may even save their life.

They are made with high visibility colors, reflective strips, easy-grab handles, quick-release buckles, and outstanding flotation.

No more worries about your dog drowning!


"I have a Lab Retriever PitBull Mix, and she is a heavy girl. All muscles! She loves the beach, but swimming can be a challenge because she is mostly muscles and little fat in her body. I bought this Life Jacket to protect her in case she gets tired, and she sports it like a champ. It works great and supports her weight (76 lbs). Not counting the fact that people got a kick of the shark fin! She was the talk of the beach. Highly recommend this product!"
~ Michelle M., BeachBe customer

Designed For Safety: These dog life jackets are extremely buoyant, and the front float assists in keeping your dog's head above water. The reflective stripes and bright colors enhance maximum visibility.

Designed For Convenience: The adjustable belt ensures a comfortable and perfect fit for your dog. The quick-release buckles make it easy to put on and take off quickly. There is a handle on top for quick and easy grabbing, and the heavy-duty D-ring hook is perfect for a dog leash.

High Quality: High-grade Polyester Oxford & Nylon Fabric, Mesh Fabric, Pearl Cotton Foam. The Oxford nylon fabric is ripstop, and the mesh fiber allows for quick drying and proper drainage.


Sizing Chart:

S 30cm / 11.81" 46-52cm / 11.81-20.47" 28-36cm / 11.02-15.17"
M 35cm / 13.78" 52-62cm / 20.47-24.40" 36-46cm / 14.96-18.11"
L 45cm / 17.72" 62-52cm / 11.81-20.47" 46-50cm / 18.11-19.69"

Sizes: Available for 3 sizes that meet all sized dogs. Please refer to the dimension chart to choose the right size for your dog.

Note: If your measurement is between two sizes, we recommend the larger size for a more comfortable fit for your dog.


Package Includes:
— 1 x Dog Life Jacket