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UV Deflective Beach Tent For Baby

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"If you’re looking at this... just buy it. The best money we spent for my son at the pool/beach. He napped every day next to me, by the soothing sounds of a pool waterfall and perfectly cool in this tent."
~ Cerys V., BeachBe customer

Summer just got a whole lot funnier with this amazing UV deflective beach tent for baby! It keeps out harmful UV rays!

Your baby can play for hours under our tent and not be overexposed to the powerful sunshine.

Freely use this amazing tent in your backyard, at the park, at the beach, anywhere there is sunshine!

It's super easy to set up, use, and store.

"I love this beach tent! Sometimes I put sand in the middle so my little one can play in the shade and sometimes I put water in it. It’s a life saver on hot days!!"
~ Moshe B., BeachBe customer

Innovative Design Concept: Suitable for children under 3 years of age. Can accommodate 1-3 children at a time

Built-in Wading Pool: Allows your little one to splash and play while safely shielded from the sun. The pool can also be filled with sand.

Safe: Parents can rest assured that their child is being protected from the sun while playing at the beach

UV Protection: SPF ****50+ powerful protection

Convenient: Automatically pops up and very easy to use, carry, and store

Multi-Purpose: Can be used both indoors and out. It works great as a ball pool!

✓ Dimension: Open Size: 1177970cm/463127.5inch
✓ Carry Bag Size: 19inch
✓ Product Material: 190T Polyester Fabric PU
✓ Type: Tent

— 1 X Adjustable Lifting Arm Blaster


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56 reviews

Kira H.

Verified purchase

We love the tent and it did the job.


Kian P.

Verified purchase

This was a baby shower gift and the soon-to-be parents loved it!

Grace O.

Verified purchase

The baby loves playing in the water in the sunshade, it’s a great option to let her play but not be in the sun the entire day. It is extremely hard to fold up, but when you get it, it’s small and great for traveling.


Shan L.

Verified purchase

Actually bought this for my granddaughter. She is only 4 months old but if she can see the tv, that's all she wants to look at. I put this on the living room floor, put a blanket down, and then she plays in it all while the TV is blocked. It's great. I will be bringing it to Texas in the spring to use on the beach as well!

Erika W.

Verified purchase

There is no other way to successfully take a baby to the beach. My little one was cool and content!

Mercedes S.

Verified purchase

Folding up can be tricky when on the beach and it’s windy! The tent was awesome for the baby to lay inside while mama laid in the sun. I didn’t utilize the pool but put a few towels down and let her lay there

Kenny W.

Verified purchase

Love this product! Super easy to set up. My baby had fun and was protected in the sun all day while at the beach.

Elicia G.

Verified purchase

My 14 month old loved it! It was easy to use and fold when you’re done. So glad I purchased this item. It kept my little one occupied and out of the sun for hours.


Stacie T.

Verified purchase

I can’t go to the beach without this! My son isn’t old enough to use the pool part of it yet but it’s perfect for him to lay in right now! Blocks the sun really well and still allows the breeze to blow through.


Moshe B.

Verified purchase

I love this beach tent! Sometimes I put sand in the middle so my little one can play in the shade and sometimes I put water in it. It’s a life saver on hot days!!

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