Baby Beach Shader

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"Such a wonderful necessity when taking little one to the beach!! My little one was able to sit underneath here and stay cool as well as splash around in the water."
~ Aleksandra S., BeachBe customer

Planning a trip to the beach with your baby?

Afraid it's too hot for your little one? Want to protect your baby from the harmful UV rays?

Want a light tent, and you can bring it anywhere? To the beach or a picnic?

Baby Beach Shader is the ideal solution for your little one. It provides shade from the sun and comes with a wading pool. The special silver coated fabric is breathable, deflects the heat away from your baby, and cuts UV rays by 50%.

Now you can go to the beach without worrying about your baby getting sunburned.


"LOVE IT!!!!!! Everyone at the beach kept asking me where I got it from. My son was a happy baby! He wasn’t hot and had a blast splashing in it."
~ Dina G., BeachBe customer

Wading Pool: If you are at the beach, you can dig a hole in the sand and fill the wading pool with water. Your baby can play in the water under the protection of the shade.

Or don't dig a hole and use it as a normal tent. Ideal for picnics too.

Effective Sunshade & Uv Protection: The detached sunshade is made of special silver coated fabric that is breathable, deflects the heat away from your baby, and cuts UV rays by 50%.

Good Ventilation: The large mesh window provides good ventilation and allows airflow to keep your baby cool.

Wind Secure: 4 tent pegs keep the beach tent steady in the wind.

Pop Up Design: It makes it easy to quickly pop up and fold back into the pouch and take anywhere.

Baby-safe Materials: Made from baby-safe and waterproof eco-friendly nylon.

Tent Dimensions: 120cm (L) x 80cm (W) x 80cm (H)

Wading Pool Dimensions: 70cm x 55cm


Package Includes:
— 1 x Baby Beach Shader
— 4 x Tent Pegs
— 1 x Storage Bag