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Professional Anti-fog Swim Goggles

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"My son loves his new goggles! He is almost 6 and they fit him perfectly. He has no issues with water leaking in and they are easily adjusted."
~ Fabio B., BeachBe customer

When comfort, style, and visibility are important to you, these elite professional HD anti-fog swim goggles are for you! They work well and are stylish, too!

These goggles are truly an all-around solution for any swimmer looking to get the most fun and enjoyment out of their swimming experience.

These goggles were designed to be comfortable. They are incredibly light, flexible, and sport a unique silicone memory padding that takes on the shape of your face.

This is why there are NO LEAKS! You'll be amazed by how comfortable the goggle straps are. Plus, these goggles are designed to be put on and taken off quickly.

"This is a great pair of goggles. They are comfortable and easy to wear. And they look good - it's super attractive. According to the product description, they offer UV protection, which is a must."
~ Jareth B., BeachBe customer

Comfortable: Made from soft silicone materials that provide a leak-proof seal

Adjustable: Goggles fit the unique form of your face

Visibility: Curved lenses allows a wide viewing range

Durable: Anti-fog, leak-proof, UV-resistant, and impact-proof

Easy to Wear: Clasp makes putting them on and taking them off a breeze

High-Quality Materials: Double cover gasket & sealing ring prevent leakage

✓ Suitable For: Adults
✓ Strap Material: Silicone
✓ Lenses Material: PolyCarbonate
✓ Item Type: Swimming Goggles

— 1 X Swimming Goggle


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25 reviews

Lyra K.

Verified purchase

These are awesome. They work. You can adjust them from a child's head to an adult. The fact that they close in the back is the best part- no more hair getting tangled up and ripped out of your head! I can never go back! I love these and I love when something is made well! A non-regretted purchase! ☺️

Britney B.

Verified purchase

We love these goggles. They fit our kids well and they are secure in the back. No more dragging the strap over your head. The clip in the back works well. These are our favorite goggles. If only I could keep my kids from scratching them up.

Paulina G.

Verified purchase

Kids love it! They say these are the best goggles they’ve ever had (and we’ve been buying two or three pairs per season for the last few years.)

Ingrid S.

Verified purchase

These are the best pair of goggles we have and I've bought more expensive brands before! These are very clear, super easy to put on (especially me with long hair, I just clip and unclip instead of pulling my hair trying to take them off). I use them when I swim laps and my kids and their friends love them!

Zaara K.

Verified purchase

Just bought the 8th pair of goggles. My boys are rough on these and I love how the clips hold up to their abuse. I always have extra goggles around our pool, ‘cause it seems like kids these days can’t swim without them as we did as kids (face-palm). All the guests love these, so I will continue replacing them with the same brand.

Maya B.

Verified purchase

Love these goggles. I just had to order two more because the kids fight over who gets to wear them. Very comfortable, easy to adjust and the snap on the back is pure genius. No more ripping the kid's hair out when putting the goggles on and off. The price is fantastic for such great goggles. Don’t waste your money buying cheap ones from the store. These are 100x better.

Cari P.

Verified purchase

Great goggles so far (we’ve used them ten times or so over a month). Love the clip on the back for the kids, these seal well (better than the goggles with harder plastic rims), and the soft plastic is gentle around the kids’ eyes. These fit my five-year-old nicely as well and both my husband and me with easy adjusting. My two-year-old also “wear” these but doesn’t put her face in the water, so it’s hard to know if they seal well around her little head.

Jevan S.

Verified purchase

Jeevan SI bought these to use with my students. My son and I give private swim lessons and a lot of little kids will not put their heads underwater because they don't like water in their eyes. It's hard to help young children put goggles on without pulling their hair with those nasty rubber straps. These goggles are perfect. The child can hold them on their face (or not) while the adult connects the snap in the back. Easy, peasy. We have had students go from sitting on the steps refusing to put their face in the water to constantly swimming underwater with their parents practically having to drag them out of the pool. LOVE these goggles.

Sebastien M.

Verified purchase

The concept of these goggles is amazing! They fit amazing, the way to tighten/loosen them is amazing (super easy). For kids that are as wild and crazy as mine, just be prepared for them to get scratched. They were worth it & my middle dude thinks he’s the coolest with his sunglasses goggles.


Jazmine J.

Verified purchase

I had a very good feeling when purchasing these goggles, and I am so glad I did as my child feels very happy and safe while wearing them during swim lessons. From what I have noticed so far: they have not leaked in any water, the adjustable strap is sturdy, the one-click open stays closed with no issues and the lenses do not fog. What I love the most is how wide the lenses result in a better view of the surroundings which is very helpful for all ages.

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