Sandless Beach Mat

Love the beach but you can’t stand the sand sticking to your body?

This amazing Anti-Sand Mat lets you chill, tan, and read at the beach without sand getting in the way.

The Sandless Beach Mat features dual layer synthetic mesh so the sand falls under the mat and traps it underneath, making the mat sand-free.

Best of all? The lightweight and ultra-thin weaves are soft to the touch.


Sand-Free Weave Technology

Made from two layers of patented woven polyurethane that instantly filter sand to the beach as soon as it falls on its surface.

The specially woven polyurethane acts as a one-way filter to prevent sand from re-emerging through the bottom of the mat.


Perfect for true outdoor enthusiasts who demands durability and versatility in everything they own. It works great as a ground mat when camping, backpacking, and RVing.

Eliminates all dirt, dust, and water from its surface to ensure a clean and dry mat at the beach, picnic or outdoor concert.

Military Grade Construction

Features reinforced seams as well as double-reinforced, heavy-duty metal corner D rings, which allow it to be securely affixed to the ground quickly and easily, even in adverse conditions.

Rip-proof polyurethane construction resists abrasions and won’t absorb moisture, preventing mold and mildew.


"No worries about sand sticking to the blanket or me. Love it!”
—Janine V., BeachBe customer

How great would it be to lay in the sun on your beach towel without sand getting on everything?

Going to the beach is a always a good time. However, there is just one problem... SAND!

Sand can be fun when you're making castles or playing volleyball, but it isn't fun to have sand sticking to you and your towel when you're trying to sunbath.

Our amazing Anti-Sand Mat uses military technology to keep sand where it belongs and off you and your towel!

It's almost as if the sand doesn't exist!!

Sandless Beach Mat

Amazing Anti-Sand Beach Mat